So many clinics to choose from!  Do I need a doctor’s referral?  My sister was referred to another clinic, does that mean it is the best one?  Are these questions and concerns that you are having? It is a complicated world these days.  Years ago physiotherapy services required a doctor’s referral, and all treatment occurred in a hospital or private clinic covered by OHIP.  Since the 90’s OHIP has delisted many physiotherapy services; leading to more private care and more concerns around quality.

To answer your questions….NO you do not require a doctor’s referral to attend a physiotherapy clinic for assessment and treatment.  Some private health plans do require this but only for them to reimburse for all or part of the care.  Doctor referrals to clinics do not automatically mean that the clinic provides the best quality care.  A high tech premises does not mean this either.  SO HOW DO I CHOOSE???

Here are some guidelines to assist you, that help you choose quality care:

  1. Friendly administrative staff make you feel welcome, and are open, honest and transparent about details of care/costs/credentials of staff
  2. Convenient locations and parking
  3. Direct billing to your auto insurance and/or extended benefit plan
  4. A variety of types of care and clinicians that work together towards YOUR health care goals
  5. Modern, up to date equipment!
  6. Credentials!  Physiotherapists are able to take part in a multitude of post graduate courses and specializations – look for FCAMPT (hands on manual therapy expertise), sport therapy certifications, women’s health and neurological credentials ( for more details)
  7. Evidence of community involvement and reputation
  8. Years of experience

Our  experienced team meet all of the above criteria and are waiting to help you meet your goals!

Look forward to hearing from you.


In health ,
The Rebound Physiotherapy & Sports Medicine Team