Have you ever had pain when running? Are your hips, knees, achilles tendons, shin splints, or feet trying to tell you something?

Many of us have experienced one or more of these common issues at some point or another with our running journey. Sometimes it is just at the start of the season as your body gets used to running again. For others it is an ongoing issue year after year. Maybe you’re someone who has been plagued with injury after injury and have given up.

Whether you are new to running, have been training for your first 10km or half marathon, or you’re a seasoned marathon runner, a running assessment might be the first step to addressing the problem. It may be as simple as a little tweak to your running technique. It may be that your body has some muscles that are weaker than others. It may be that you have some muscles that are just too tight.

Don’t just run through the pain!

Get a running assessment here in Barrie before a short-term issue becomes a long-term problem!

By: KC Fieldhouse