What is a Sport and Exercise Medicine Physician?

Sport and Exercise Medicine physicians have specialized training and skills that position them to be caregivers for active patients of all ages.

A sport and exercise medicine physician is specialized in:

  • The diagnosis and comprehensive treatment of athletic injuries.
  • The management of illness and exercise-related medical issues. (e.g. exercise induced asthma, diabetes and exercise in pregnancy.)
  • Exercise prescription and counselling for sport specific activities and healthy living, including pre-participation screening.
  • Optimal management of chronic MSK conditions like osteoarthritis.
  • The prevention of athletic injuries and medical problems, including concussion in sport.
  • The appropriate use of orthotics, bracing, and taping.
  • Sport safety promotion.

Physician visits are covered by OHIP. A valid health card must be presented at each visit.

Please note that a referral from a Physician/Medical Doctor is required to book an appointment with the Sports Medicine Physician. The Sports Medicine Physician does not see injuries related to WSIB or motor vehicle accidents.

Sports Medicine Physician Consult

Consultation with an experienced Sport and Exercise Medicine Physician is available. A referral from your physician or nurse practitioner is necessary for this.

This consultation will typically include a thorough review of your injury or illness, an appropriate physical assessment and review of investigations done to date such as X-rays, Bloodwork, MRI etc.   A treatment plan will then be developed, incorporating multidisciplinary care, with further investigations ordered if appropriate.  Ongoing monitoring with your Sport Medicine Physician may contribute to reduced pain and disability and potential earlier return to activity and sport.

Custom Bracing

Certain injuries require more personalized client-specific bracing options to treat ligament and joint problems.  Examples of custom brace type injuries include:

  • Unloader Braces for osteoarthritis of the knee
  • Post ACL reconstruction surgery (knee)
  • Post fracture/dislocation of the elbow bracing for contractures and joint stiffness.

Custom braces are fit specifically for your body and are typically more expensive than off the shelf braces.  They are often covered under Extended Health Programs with a doctor’s referral.  We do have several companies who provide bracing options to make sure you have the best brace for your needs and body type.

Acute Sport Concussion Care

Your Sport and Exercise Medicine Physician is experienced in comprehensive concussion care, including full initial and ongoing assessment and management.  Assessment tools used include the most accepted and up to date, including SCAT3 and Paediatric SCAT3, BESS Balance test, King Devick test, VOMS testing etc.

Each patient with concussion is unique and is set up with a highly individualized treatment plan, including access to expert physiotherapists with extensive training in this area. Further workup with imaging, optometry, cognitive testing, etc. can be arranged as needed.


Imaging may be ordered by your Sport and Exercise Medicine Physician if it is thought to be necessary or valuable to the care of your injury or illness.  Imaging may include such things as: X-ray, Bone Scan, MRI or MRI Arthrogram, Bloodwork etc.  Follow up will always be arranged after imaging.

Injection Treatments

Your Sport and Exercise Medicine Physician may offer injections as part of your treatment plan. Injection of Corticosteroid can be a safe and effective facet of treatment for such conditions as tendinitis, tenosynovitis, epicondylitis and osteoarthritis.

Viscosupplementation is also useful for the treatment of osteoarthritis, most commonly in the knee and hip joints.  A viscosupplement, composed of Hyaluronic Acid is injected into the joint space to provide lubrication and may improve symptoms of stiffness and pain.

Both Cortisone and Viscosupplements are stocked and available in the clinic.